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The Crest

Union Omaha Know Your Crest

We are a club formed by people with a common purpose. We are Union Omaha.

On October 3, 2019 at a block party in the Benson District, the Omaha community gathered to see their Club's crest for the first time. Union Omaha's crest was designed by Matthew Wolff in collaboration with the thousands of fans and residents that shared their ideas via town halls, online surveys and conversations. 

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“This is a crest our players and our fans will wear over their hearts, and they do so knowing that it is not just the crest, but our club, being built from the ground up," said CEO Gary Green. "We want to thank the thousands of fans that were a part of us identifying a name and designing the crest. We will continue to listen to you as we grow this club and grow Omaha.”

Key Elements in the Crest

The only American club represented by the great horned owl – a fierce, competitive and intelligent predator that rules the open-forested areas across Nebraska.  

A club formed by people with a common purpose. For Union Omaha, that common purpose is to elevate the Omaha region and build the beautiful game. 

Represent Omaha’s People, sense of Place and Purpose. 

The distinct lightning yellow eyes of the great horned owl set it apart from all others. 

Inspired by the U.S. Soccer crest representing our commitment to building the beautiful game in Omaha and beyond. 

Our nod to soccer’s history and culture, and our responsibility to educate, and celebrate the sport. 

- power, intelligence, knowledge and wealth
White - color of heroic characters and new beginnings 
Lightning Yellow - our ability to strike and do so with speed and force 

Union Omaha Know Your Crest

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