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Union Omaha Back In The Running For League One Final

By Emma Reilly , 10/01/20, 12:30AM CDT


Fort Lauderdale, FL. (Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020) –  Los Búhos broke their 3 game losing streak putting them back in third place, one point behind second place Richmond Kickers. 

This game was won with quick breaks by Los Búhos offense. Austin Panchot who scored the first goal in the 25th minute of the game, and his first goal for Union Omaha by making a break leading off of Rashid Nuhu’s deep goal kick scoring the team’s first goal of a match for the first time in the past three games. 

Fort Lauderdale then responded in the 42nd minute with Midfielder Eduardo Sosa hitting a long shot off of Tyler David (OMA) scoring his second goal of the season and Fort Lauderdale’s first goal of the match. 

The match was equally competitive by both teams with each team receiving 3 yellow cards in both the first and second half. Midfielder Tobias Otieno also made his professional soccer debut in the U.S. by starting for Union Omaha. He received a yellow card in the 44th minute after Sosa made a break through a cluster of Omaha defense leading to the goal. Otieno made some power plays in the 23rd minute when he blocked a free kick with a header, and the 65th minute with a quick pass to Panchot for a close shot on goal. Otieno is the youngest player of Union Omaha at age 21 who faced off Felipe Valencia, USL’s youngest-ever goalscorer who also scored the second goal of his career at age 15. 

Evan Conway was able to hit a quick shot off of Devin Boyce’s corner kick in the 48th minute putting Los Búhos ahead to an early start in the second half. With Valencia responding with a goal in the 56th minute, Los Búhos pushed their defense and added more pressure receiving 2 yellow cards within 10 minutes. Sami Guediri (FTL) was awarded a free kick after Daltyn Knutson’s (OMA) yellow card in the 83rd minute. With less than 10 minutes and the game tied, Los Búhos recovered from Guediri’s free kick with Chirstian Molina switching the field with a long pass to Vanacore-Decker for the game-winning goal. Los Búhos earned this win through a cohesive effort that has put them back on track toward USL League One’s final on October 30th at 7 p.m. CT. 

Key Moments

  • 18’ Devin Boyce (OMA) takes a shot just wide of the goal with the pass from Evan Conway (OMA).

  • 16’ Modesto Mendez (FTL) receives a yellow card.

  • 25’ Austin Panchot (OMA) scores his first goal for Union Omaha and of the game with a quick break past Fort Lauderdale defense from Rashid Nuhu’s goal kick. 

  • 30’ Felipe Valencia (FTL) takes a shot inches from outside of the goal with the pass from Chrstian Young (FTL)

  • 38’ Devn Boyce (OMA) receives a yellow card.

  • 42’ Eduardo Sosa (FTL) hits a long shot off of Tyler David (OMA) scoring his second goal of the season.

  • 44’ Tobias Otieno (OMA) receives a yellow card after Eduardo Sosa (FTL) makes a break through a clustered Omaha defense.

  • 45’ Rashi Nuhu (OMA) blocks a free kick from Blaine Ferri (FTL).

  • 48’ Evan Conway (OMA) scores a goal off of Devin Boyce’s corner kick. 

  • 56’ Felipe Valencia (FTL) scores his second career goal after a free kick block off of Nuhu. 

  • 73’ Frank Nodarse (FTL) receives a yellow card. 

  • 75’ Sami Guediri (FTL) receives a yellow card. 

  • 83’ Daltyn Knutson (OMA) receives a yellow card. 

  • 84’ Ethan Vanacore-Decker scores the game-winning goal for Union Omaha by Christian Molina recovering the ball from a free kick making the assist. 

  • 96’ Servando Carrasco (FTL) makes a cross into the Omaha goal box with a header over the next almost tying the game with 1 minute left. 

Game Notes

  • Los Búhos put themselves back in 3rd place in the USL standings after a 3 game losing streak. 

  • Tobias Otieno made his professional soccer debut in the U.S. being the youngest player for Union Omaha at age 21. He transferred from the Kenya U23 team and was one of the youngest players in the Kenyan Premier League. 

  • Felipe Valencia, USL’s youngest-ever goalscorer scored his second career goal at age 15. 

  • Austin Panchot scored his first goal for Union Omaha and the first goal of the game giving Los Búhos the first goal leading a game for the first time in the past 3 games. 

  • 6 yellow cards were given out throughout the game with 3 for each team. Fort Lauderdale had 70% possession throughout the game with 8 shots on goal versus Los Búhos taking 16 shots with 30% possession.

  • Ethan Vanacore-Decker scored the game-winning goal for Los Búhos with a quick break off of a recovery from a Fort Lauderdale free kick and long pass from Christian Molina. 

Next Game: 

Union Omaha takes on South Georgia Tormenta FC at Werner Park, Papillion, NE this Saturday, Oct. 3. at 7 p.m. CT.

Union Omaha vs. Fort Lauderdale CF

September 30, 2020 

Inter Miami CF Stadium (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Game Time 90’ + 6’ 

Goals by Half                2 3  F 

Union Omaha               1 2 3

Fort Lauderdale CF      1 1 2 

Scoring Summary: 

OMA: Austin Panchot 25’

FTL: Eduardo Sosa 42’

OMA: Evan Conway (Boyce) 48’

FTL: Felipe Valencia 56’

OMA: Ethan Vanacare-Decker (Molina) 84’

Misconduct Summary:

FTL: Modesto Mendez 16’

OMA: Devin Boyce 38’

OMA: Tobias Otieno 44’

FTL: Frank Nodarse 73’ 

FTL: Sami Guediri 75’

OMA: Daltyn Knutson 83’


FTL: (Head Coach - Kreis, Jason) 

30 GK Castanheira, 3 D Guediri, 25 D Hardin, 15 D Mendez, 20 D Young, 10 M Sosa, 8 M Ferri, 21 F Azcona, 9 F Kiesewetter, 28 F Valencia (Lopez-Espin 71’)

Subs: 34 D Allen, 7 F Lopez-Espin, 4 D Nodarse, 26 M Saavedra, 22 F Bucknor, 13 GK Zuluaga- Silva, 6 M Ibarra

OMA: (Head Coach - Mims, Jay)

24 GK Nuhu, 16 D Crull, 13 D Knutson, 28 D Osumanu, 25 D Sousa, 5 M Otieno, 6 M David (Scearce 63’), 10 M Contreras (Decker 63’) (c) , 12 M Panchot (Molina 69’), 20 M Boyce (Nfor 69’), 11 M Conway (Ibisevic 88’)

Subs: 4 D Aune, 7 F Decker, 14 M Molina, 15 F Nfor, 17 M Scearce, 18 F Ibisevic, 21 GK Howard

All statistics contained in this box score are unofficial.

FTL vs. OMA Game Highlights

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